It is time for some news from the „nautiloid“ research

Three topics: the origin of Nautilus, Nectocaris and hyoliths as hypothetical cephalopod ancestors, Continue reading It is time for some news from the „nautiloid“ research

Current developments in nautiloid research - a few remarks

How many “nautiloid” specialists exist in the world ? What are the current research themes of nautiloid specialists? What are the next promising topics? – Occasionally people ask me these question on conferences or in emails. Here, I try to compile a short overview about current developments in “nautiloid research” relevant to paleontology.  Of course my list is not comprehensive, but it will be more so by discussion… Continue reading Current developments in nautiloid research - a few remarks

Namen brauchen Zeit

Es ist jetzt beinah 19 Monate her, dass ich, noch als aktiver Blogger, nach Namen gesucht habe für ein paar fossile Kopffüsser. Damals hatte die Blogosphäre meiner Phantasie ein wenig nachhelfen müssen, da mir die Namen ausgegangen sind [1, 2, 3]. Heute ist der Artikel nun veröffentlicht worden. Continue reading Namen brauchen Zeit

Peer review in the Russian “Paleontological Journal”

There are two large Russian review papers on general nautiloid topics, which came out during the last years. Both papers are strange and are examples of how science should not be. In a rigorous peer review they would have had no chance to appear. Continue reading Peer review in the Russian “Paleontological Journal”

Paleobiology Database is thrilling

Since yesterday I am a contributor of the Paleobiology Database.
I spent the entire afternoon in discovering the wicked entry forms and just started with entering taxonomic data.
The idea of compiling a taxonomic database, and a current systematic pattern based on “opinions” in references is ingenious.
Zhang Yunbai and me, we compiled our own database for all Ordovician cephalopods. Additionally, there is the large unpublished data collection of Theo Engeser, which is based on html sheets. Theo currently takes effort slowly to implement his data into Wikispecies.
Because I have money to pay a data enterer now, I hope to enter the complete Ordovician cephalopod occurrences from the nautiloid literature within this year.
I think these are great news.

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